Listen to your body, not your brain

How many times have you heard the expression “Use your head”? Conditioning has lead us to believe our brain is all-knowing when in fact our bodies are screaming the answers and we aren’t listening.

Our bodies will go as far as to create physical and emotional pain to get our attention. This can manifest in aches, pains, exhaustion, headaches, rage, tension, stress, etc. I once had a very bad pain in my side, and whenever I took a breath, it hurt. This went on for days. I was about to go see a doctor when my Reiki teacher reminded me to meditate on it to check it out. I went in and “hung out” with the pain, and as crazy as it sounds, it was gone the next day. My body wanted my attention. It craved acknowledgment.

I have found that treating my body like it’s a second being has worked well for me. Perhaps a best friend or family member who needs attention, as most people in our lives do. This can help us wrap our heads around how important it is to give ourselves daily care. If you ignored that best friend’s texts for days, they’d probably be pretty pissed… right?

Listen in,


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