Bring it on (from Sedona)


One thing I have learned over the past couple of years is there is always more to learn. The more I tap into the world of energy and healing, the more I discover aspects of myself I want, no wait, I need to work on. My current list is long, but it is not daunting. In fact, it’s my favorite subject matter to ponder. The fear I feel when considering these changes are of course uncomfortable, but no longer paralyzing, as it is so clearly just my brain trying to preserve its power over my body. My thoughts are not my reality, I know that now, so bring it on.

Today I write from Sedona, AZ. A trip my mom and I planned a few months ago to hike the energy vortexes, visit some healers and of course, relax. Yesterday, our first full day in Sedona, consisted of sessions with two healers, Kurt and Mariposa at Inner Journeys. Their passion for healing was vivid and translated into an enlightening experience.

Kurt lead us through a series of tests and techniques to increase energy flow, discover our body’s physical and emotional needs and create balance. Techniques of which are to be practiced daily and will be smuggled back to Toronto to share with my close supporters. Mariposa’s Shamanic Healing, an eye opening and quite trippie session, opened me up to a world of which I had heard of, but had not experienced. I am choosing to spare you the details of the later session, but if you are interested in knowing more, please click the “contact” page above, tell me a bit about yourself and I will be happy to share.

Although I have only been in Sedona for one day, I have been reminded to never stop questioning my actions, discovering new methods, deepening my understanding and striving to experience life as this very moment.

Uncomfortably growing,


2 thoughts on “Bring it on (from Sedona)

  1. Sounds like an amazing opportunity and you’re embracing it 100%! The learnings sound profound and insightful. And your photos are stunning – I’d love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Hi NoWineImFine,

      Thank you for posting! From the quick scan of your blog, I see we’ve struggled in the same way.

      Stay strong and I look forward to reading your posts! 😊❤️

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