What enslaves us? 

I’ve been doing a lot of digging lately on external factors in which I am enslaved. There are of course the well known addictions that get the most recognition… booze, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, food, gambling, etc. But what about the everyday factors that we think we control, but don’t?

Our phone dings and we frantically rummage through our purse to find it. We post online in hopes to get “likes”, checking up every hour or so. We work as fast and as hard as possible craving that nod from the boss. These are just a few external factors in which we strive for validation from our peers, family and at work, instead of from ourselves.

What is it that makes us search externally instead of internally? What is it we get out of these acknowledgments that we think we can not get from ourselves?

Unfortunately, we can’t control our “like” count or boss’s mood, making it impossible to live in contentment while relying on such events.

I’m making a list, and going to check it twice.

Dig in,


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