“Just follow your dreams.” Um, ok

Screen shot 2017-05-05 at 11.17.01 PMI’ll never forget the day I realized I didn’t know what I want. I didn’t know what I like. I had never pinpointed the events and situations that made me happy, and conversely those that made me uncomfortable. Of course, there were some things I knew… “I like cheese, pets and trees. I don’t like black licorice, sarcasm and stubbing my toe.” Turns out there’s much more to it than that.

33 years I had lived mainly just utilizing what I had in front of me. I did not make decisions. Things fell in my lap and I went with it. I thought that’s what people did.

Through committing to meditation and energy work, I now notice my likings and dislinkings throughout the day. A couple handfuls of small life details that add up to a pretty big deal.  

Recently, I was head on with an uncomfortable situation. One I could not get out of. It was a small victory for me however, as I felt the discomfort full on. I acknowledged how I felt instead of allowing my brain to minimize it. I knew how I felt. Period. End of story.

Half the battle is in the acknowledgment. The realization of “this is good for me” or “this is bad for me” is something worth striving for. Without that knowledge, how is one to improve? It’s literally impossible to “follow your dream” if your dream is not clear.

Yes, of course you will feel the “bad” stuff stronger as well. But I must say, it is 100%, holy shit, amazingly, with out a doubt, worth it.

Dream a little dream,


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