When the going gets tough…


Whether you are a Buddhist monk or a punk rocker, life always throws curve balls. All walks of life deal with “shit hitting the fan” at one time or another. We all have issues with our families. We all have drama with our peers. We all have stressors that smack us in the face when we’re least expecting it.

The only difference is how we deal “when the going gets tough”. In order for “the tough to get going”, one must pull themselves out of the shit, because no one else can do it for you. We all have different methods, but when life is hard, it’s difficult to motivate. We get lost in our worries and ignore our needs.

For me, meditation has been a consistent tool to connect me inward when “shit hits the fan”. It does not “fix” my problems, but it grounds me. It makes me realize this issue is most likely temporary, as most issues are. With a grounded perspective, my being is able to figure out an action to remedy the situation, see where I could have avoided the situation (for next time), and/or just plain and simple, get me through it. The answers and support are all there, I just have to allow my body to figure out the details. It does the work.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time we try to use our brains to figure out these details. Our brains were not meant for that. Our brains are good for math, not life issues. Our brains will go overboard and give us worst possible scenarios, spinning us deeper into turmoil.

Sometimes, from a grounded perspective, it becomes clear one does in fact need some external support. However, from this perspective, the path to the appropriate support is clearer. It’s not always comfortable, and can be down right scary to reach out to the particular support one needs at the time, but it must be done. If you truly know what you need, when you need it, the knowing alone will bring great relief and outcome.

Time to get going,


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