Being gentle

I thought I would post the below podcast where Lana, from ONETREEMIND.COM interviews my Reiki and meditation teacher, Paul Lara.

Most notibly for me, Paul talks about being gentle with himself. He has mentioned this work in class and I greatly admire him for it.

Being gentle with oneself is not natural for us. It’s not easy. It has to be faught for, so to speak. However, like anything, with daily practice it can be achieved and self harming thoughts can be kept at bay.

Just yesterday, I visited a good friend of mine at her home. She was feeling down and told me her current practice is to take in her surroundings when negative thoughts persist. “Look at the way the sunlight hits the curtains as the big tree outside sways gently in the wind.” she explained as an example of this tactic. This is her way of being gentle with herself by showing gratitude for her current surroundings. It grounds her in the here and now, as often the present isn’t so bad. As the famous Buddhist quote goes, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

The podcast can be found at the following link. Please enjoy!

Easy does it,


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