Will Power

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Will power is a term often used to describe a positive characteristic in which one is able to overcome the odds to succeed in a desired way. It is looked upon as a rare feature some believe they do not posses.

I believe we all have will power, however, it can be used in socially, economically and energetically unsavory ways due to imbalances, conditioning and illness.

For example, take Jane. Jane has a substance abuse problem that has spanned the course of a few years. One night she calls all of her contacts in hopes of locating her drug of choice. She spends roughly three hours doing so with no luck so resorts to Plan B. Plan B is hitting a nearby bar where she knows she can sometimes grab from the chef in the back. But alas, he is out sick tonight, just her luck. Jane moves on to Plan C and visits an underground after-hours club, which usually guarantees results, and it does. By this time, Jane has spent roughly 6 hours working diligently towards an end which is thought to be all three socially, economically and energetically unsavory. But, she succeeded. She overcame each obstacle as it was presented to her using all recourses in her reach.

Now I fully understand substance abuse is an illness, not something easily overcome. But an aspect of that illness, as demonstrated with Jane, is will power. Jane reached out and utilized her resources in Plan A, took action in Plan B and went through great discomfort and high risk in Plan C.

Jane knew in her gut, if she put in the time and effort, she’d get high tonight. What if Jane could swap that gut knowing from getting high to not getting high? The “I can” stays the same, but the rest of the sentence changes. She swaps the successful outcome driving this power from immediate escape to general contentment.

This is not a post on how to change such gut knowings, as that is unique to the individual, but more to recognize will power is more common than noted, it’s just often fueled by shitty oil.

Switch it up,


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