Life Lessons


“If you have a lesson to learn, and you don’t learn it, it will keep coming up until you do.”-Paul Lara (Reiki Master Teacher)

Over the past couple of years, my Reiki teacher has spoken of lessons we are meant to learn throughout our lifetime.  I always felt this to be an interesting concept, however, was skeptical as I had not seen it, I had not experienced it, I had not felt it. 

As time went on, the concept mellowed and I went about my business as I best knew how. Still clouding my body with substances, I had no way of noticing such lessons, even though they were served up hot on a platter right in front of me. The same things kept happening, and I kept cranking the volume on my ear buds louder and louder. 

Now that times have changed and I am listening, these lessons seem to be coming at me full force. I imagine a conversation between the wind and the trees, “Look at that. She’s awake. Let’s show that little punk everything… right… now!” **wind and trees high five and giggle uncontrollably**

In the past, “why me” was a part of my regular vocabulary. Not realizing these events were meant for learning, I felt a victim of circumstance. For example, I had two dogs within a four year period, both pass away due to the same type of cancer. They both had the same symptom, their one eye was being pushed out by the tumor. These dogs did not overlap, both had different food and different overall surroundings. One was an adventurer, eating everything in sight, the other, shy and reserved, stuck to what he knew. They couldn’t have been more different, yet, the same type of cancer and symptom arose. Looking back, I now contemplate the lesson. Was I to experience mourning? Caring for the sick? Compassion? I still don’t know the answer, but I sure am listening.

When it rains, it pours…


(photo credit: Richa Sud

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Thank you for sharing this, that’s a very powerful quote. Sorry to learn of the passing of both your beloved pets. How bizzare that their lives ended in the same way yet it completely different environments. ❤️


    1. You’re welcome, thanks for reading! Yeah, that was just one example of a “why me” situation that I am looking back on now. There are so many. It’s interesting to really look at them and try to spot the lesson involved. It’s all connected!

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  2. this is a lesson i’ve been learning lately. when i forget, or think i’ve learned it all, the universe comes and shakes me once again. the great thing about listening is that we also connect to our intuition. and our intuition is wise.

    i think it would be great experience to look out for patterns on all your victimization stories. maybe the lesson lies there!


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