Living with Integrity


“How can we trust ourselves if we are not 100% truthful with others?” -TUM

Living with integrity is a common theme I’ve encountered over the past couple of weeks. To me, the word itself, integrity, has always been a powerful characterization used to describe high moral values and contribution to the our loved ones, society and the planet.

Although the latter statement is highly respectable to follow, it is not solely what this blog post is in reference to. The “living with integrity” definition I would like to discuss is in listening to our inner selves and basically, well, doing what it says.

This concept is quite simple. Get quiet, figure out what you want and go for it. So simple, yet most of us don’t do it. Why?

I believe there are two main functions at play here. First and foremost, trust in ourselves. Not only do we have to get quiet to hear that voice, feeling, or tingly sensation, but we must also trust that message is our truth meant for our highest good. In this regard, our own actions throughout our day will dictate our trust level. Are you 100% truthful with others? For example, do you exaggerate stories to make them funnier or to help someone through a tough time? Do you tell little white lies to avoid confrontation? Do you express excitement for activities you’d really rather not go to? These are all ways, built up over time, our trust in our own truth diminishes. In short, how can we trust ourselves if we are not 100% truthful with others?

The second function at play can be found in outside sources. Societal conditioning? Check. Upbringing? Check. External expectations? Check. The list goes on and on, the first entry penned the second we left the womb. These factors are as old as we are and are built to last. It is a well known fact, we as individuals do not have the capacity to change our outer world to the extent in which would rid us of such forces. That being said, taking inventory of these forces will bring awareness, and therefore the ability to change the effect they have on us. No longer seeing these forces as truth will 180 the spotlight back to us. Ask the questions. How has this effected me? How did that sway my position? What is my truth here?

Both of these functions, lack of self trust and outside forces, will trap us in a life rid of growth. Our desires and dreams may change by the millisecond, but we are so frozen by these functions we don’t morph with them. This creates a life of imbalance where our outside does not match our inside. Conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and rage may show up in such scenarios. Basically, when our inner self wants something, and we don’t comply, it goes to great lengths to get the point across.

Point taken,





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