"Hope is not specific to circumstance. It is an all encompassing belief in yourself." -TUM If you had of mentioned the word hope a few years back, it would have ruffled my feathers. It was a word I coupled with my Catholic upbringing. It was muttered many times, with no real explanation on how to … Continue reading BUILDING HOPE

First Steps in “Letting Go”

Throughout my years, the expression "just let it go" has really bothered me as the how has never followed that statement. I realize though, like me, those slurring the words may not have known themselves, or, perhaps I was not willing to listen. Letting go is necessary when an item, person or situation no longer … Continue reading First Steps in “Letting Go”

Living with Integrity

"How can we trust ourselves if we are not 100% truthful with others?" -TUM Living with integrity is a common theme I've encountered over the past couple of weeks. To me, the word itself, integrity, has always been a powerful characterization used to describe high moral values and contribution to the our loved ones, society … Continue reading Living with Integrity

Anxiety. When your body speaks, listen.

“Breathe. Process. Take Action.” -Paul Lara (Reiki/Meditation teacher at QiBelly) Over the past few blog posts, I have touched upon the nitty gritty of meditation and energy work. The struggles that come with it. The break downs. The pain. As I sit here writing, struck with anxiety, I reflect on my teacher’s words. After telling … Continue reading Anxiety. When your body speaks, listen.